Tuesday, April 02, 2013

So Many Choices

Confession time. Generally I try to stay one or two blog posts ahead, but with the impending release of my latest novel, Stress Test, I told myself that after Easter I'd get back to composing. Until then I'd put that on the back burner. Well, now it's time to get back to work.

I wondered what to write about. I have lots of choices: Easter, baseball opening day, April Fool's Day... You name it.

Easter is a wonderful holiday. As a Christian, I celebrate it gladly. In addition to the religious significance (which should be the focus of the day), at our house it featured family getting together for a meal, plus the wonderful bonus of talking via phone or FaceTime with members of my family who couldn't be there. In sum, a good day. How was yours?

Sunday night, my much-loved and often-frustrating Texas Rangers opened the season against a team they were "supposed" to beat...and lost big-time. Former Ranger Billy Sample said it once, and I need to remember it frequently. In a 162-game season, the very best team will lose at least 56 games, and the very worst team will win at least 56 games. That's why we play more than one. How about you? How did your favorite team do?

I don't engage in April Fool's pranks. First, I'd like to think I'm too old for it. Second, I'm afraid that if I get into that, someone will light me up and make an even bigger fool of me than I already am. How about you? Got an opinion or a story to share? Let us know.

This is already a longer post than I planned, but maybe it will bring a few commenters out of the woodwork. See you Friday, when we get back to blog posts about the writing life.

Incidentally, The Big Thrill e-zine of the International Thriller Writers had a nice write-up on me yesterday. You can read it here.

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