Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Christmas Decorations

I heard Christmas carols played in the store when I was out on Thanksgiving. Some stores have had Christmas decorations displayed for sale since shortly after Halloween. As I write this, the prediction is for temperatures in the 70's by the time this post goes up, so it doesn't feel much like Christmas outside. On the other hand, inside the Mabry house, Kay is busy putting out our mugs and glasses with a Christmas theme, adding wreaths and Christmas stuff, and doing all the stuff she loves at this time of year. We've almost completed shopping for the grandkids. And, before you ask, we don't have our Christmas cards done and mailed yet.

How about you? When do you plan to put up your Christmas tree and decorations (or have you already done that)? Where are you in the process? I hope you take a moment to consider the true meaning of the season. Blessings, all.

(photo via FreeDigitalPhotos.net)


Anne Mateer said...

We decorated this past weekend. I love waking up on December mornings and drinking my coffee with the lights twinkling on the Christmas tree. And I love that being surrounded by my Christmas things reminds me why we celebrate on a minute-to-minute basis.

Richard Mabry said...

Anne, apparently a number of people decorated this past weekend. The early Thanksgiving has thrown us for a loop, so I feel as though we're behind--even though it's just December 4. But we'll catch up.
Have a wonderful Christmas season.

S. Kim Henson said...

We're really behind this year. Traveling more than usual so we still aren't decorated. We usually put everything up the day after Thanksgiving. At this point, still don't know when since we're going out of town again this weekend. So happy someone's decorated. :)

Shopping is almost finished ... that's something we can do when we're out of town.

Carol Garvin said...

When our children were young we didn't begin decorating until mid-December, just to restrict the overstimulation to a couple weeks. Now that I can indulge myself without that concern, I start at the beginning of Advent.

We put up two trees and brought out the creche last weekend, and for the next few days I'll be adding the other bits that make the whole house look festive. I'm writing our cards a few at a time, with carols playing in the background, and next week will begin some Christmas baking. I like to savour this season!

Richard Mabry said...

Kim, you make me feel better. No tree up yet, but we'll probably do that this weekend.
Carol, when you get through decorating your house, how about popping over to ours and finishing the job?
Thanks to you both for your comments, and have a wonderful Christmas.