Thursday, April 29, 2010

More Wisdom From Writer's Digest

As many of my regular readers know, I think Writer's Digest is the source of a treasure trove of information for writers. The current issue (May-June) is no exception. Consider just two of the articles it contains.

For writers of suspense and mysteries, award-winning author Elizabeth Sims has tips for making our writing real. She gives the wrong and the right way to deal with coincidences (make them believable), descriptions (come up with your own, avoid cliches), false clues and red herrings (build them in, don't just throw them in), dialogue (make it arise from the situation, not just an excuse to dump information), and character motivations (almost unbearable forces).

For writers who've been inspired by Anne Lamott's classic book, Bird By Bird, there's an excellent interview with Lamott, with information about her new novel and her thoughts on writing and on life.

And it was neat to see colleague Jim Rubart, author of the hit novel Rooms interviewed in the "breaking in" section.

There's more, but surely this is enough to convince you that this is a worthwhile periodical for anyone interested in writing.Try it and see.

Now for an announcement. TIME IS RUNNING OUT! I've done a bunch of interviews since the launch of Code Blue, and in many instances they've included a giveaway of a signed copy of the book. Now I'm running a contest for the best three interview questions from my readers, with the winner receiving a copy of Code Blue. The deadline for entries is noon on April 30, so hurry and get your entries in. Surely you have questions you'd like to ask me. Just click on this link, read the details, scroll down to the comments section and leave your three questions. Good luck.

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