Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Let me take time out from the things I usually write about to wish everyone a happy Mother's Day. May the day be wonderful, but may it also have a deep meaning for you.

Today our pastor, Chuck Swindoll, gave us a glimpse into the influence exerted by a mother whose name is only mentioned twice in the Bible. Yet the child whose life she saved, the child whom she was able to nurture through his very early years, turned out to be God's instrument of deliverance for His people.

One lesson to be learned: never, never underestimate the influence of a caring mother (or father) on the subsequent life of a child.

Happy Mother's Day.

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Katie said...

Your pastor is really Chuck Swindoll? Wow! I listen to him on the radio - what a blessing to have him as a pastor. Thanks for the Happy Mother's Day wish! It's my first official one!