Thursday, October 02, 2008

Interview With Author Kathryn Cushman

I first met Kathryn (“my friends call me Katie”) Cushman when we were both in Randy Ingermanson’s mentoring class at Mount Hermon Christian Writers’ Conference. It soon became obvious to me that Katie was going to be one of the first ones in that group to be published, and that was borne out when Bethany House brought out A Promise To Remember. I’m pleased to have her as my guest today.

RM: Katie, which came first for you? An agent or a book contract? And what was your reaction to the big news?

KC: I had an agent first, but I made the contact with the editor (that eventually brought about the contract) at an appointment at Mount Hermon. As for my reaction to the news—I fell to my knees and cried a while, then shouted a while, then jumped up and down a while. I still didn’t quite believe it until I held my book in my hands.

RM: Your next book, Waiting For Daybreak, will be out in October. Was it easier or more difficult to write a second book?

KC: I wrote a couple of (unpublished) manuscripts before A Promise to Remember, so Waiting for Daybreak is actually my fourth written book. But… it was still the hardest. I really had a difficult time getting the details of the story dialed in, and consequently did a TON of rewriting.

RM: Tell us a bit about your non-writing life. Who is Katie Cushman when she’s not slaving over a hot computer.

KC: These days I’m mostly a busy mom. I have two daughters who are involved in sports, drama, etc., so a good bit of my time is devoted to taxi and cheerleading services. I am a registered pharmacist, but I haven’t worked in that field in about a dozen years.

RM: Are you already at work on your next book? And if so, can you share a bit about it?

KC: Yes, I’m just starting my next book. It’s about a mother who destroys the evidence that would prove her recently-returned prodigal guilty of murder. Later, when another young man is arrested for the crime, she must decide whether to tell the truth and sacrifice her own son, or let an innocent person go to prison.

RM: Based on your own experience, do you have any advice for the writers in my readership?

KC: Keep writing, get hard critiques (these are slightly less painful if you pre-medicate with chocolate), and most of all, pray for guidance. Trust God with the results.

RM: And, as I always ask my guests, any last words of wisdom?

KC: Throw the word “networking” out of your vocabulary. Make friends with other writers because you like them, sit with multi-published authors at lunch because they are interesting, and help newer writers along the path because it’s the right thing to do.
Thanks for having me on your blog today!

And thank you, Katie, for taking the time to be with us.

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