Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's Always A Balancing Act

This image, from a site featuring numerous old photos, illustrates the way most writers feel--especially if they have a life of any sorts. We teeter on the brink of catastrophe at times, wondering how it got this crazy.

Career writers are caught between Scylla and Charybdis (for those of you who recall your Greek mythology), either wondering when (and if) the next contract will come through or writing furiously to meet deadlines. Those of us who try to carve out time for our writing amidst our other responsibilities--job, family, church--sometimes find ourselves going for disturbingly long periods of time without adding to our product. Life sort of gets in the way, doesn't it?

I've been reminded of this recently as family responsibilities demanded my attention, to the detriment of my writing. The blogs of a couple of my writer friends have echoed the same problem. We have to prioritize, and sometimes what gets pushed aside is our writing. And when this happens, guilt begins to creep in.

For many of us who write, our writing is as natural and as necessary as our breathing. If we can sneak a few minutes to bang out a hundred or so words, it helps. On the other hand, if it frustrates you that right in the middle of an intense scene you have to break up a fight between the kids or clean up after the puppy, maybe a writing break isn't the best thing for you right now.

However you handle it, realize that you're not the only one doing a balancing act right now. But this, too will pass, and so long as we lean on God we'll get through. He's the ultimate safety net.

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One More Writer said...

Thanks, Richard, for giving me the reminder I needed yet again! Life has certainly intruded on writing this summer, but I know it is a crazy life that will soon settle down as the first of my kiddos graduates this coming year, so I'm trying to keep it all in perspective! Your words help so much to soothe my ruffled spirit.