Friday, March 16, 2007

Signed Copies and Autographed Bookplates

I never really thought much about the value, either monetary or sentimental, of signed copies of a book. Now autographed baseballs and such--that's another story. As I sit here at my desk I look up at the wall and smile at a picture of three guys in New York Yankee uniforms: Mickey Mantle, Whitey Ford, and me. Mickey and Whitey signed the picture, and it's one of my most prized possessions. Not because of the monetary worth of the signatures, but because of the sentiment behind it.

Since I have become seriously involved with writing, it's been my privilege to make the acquaintance of a number of folks in the profession. These authors and editors are really neat people, and the opportunity to get to know them a bit better is one of the nicest benefits of what I'm doing. And now I have a real appreciation for signed copies of their books because of the personal connection I have with them.

During all this, I've even become pen pals (or the email equivalent thereof) with a few authors outside the field of Christian writing. One of these men is Dr. Michael Palmer. Michael has practiced extensively in internal medicine and emergency medicine, and is now an Assistant Administrator with the Massachusetts Medical Society. His medical suspense novels are at the top of my list of favorites, and I've enjoyed our email correspondence. Recently he offered to make available signed bookplates to people who have purchased any of his novels. He was kind enough to send me one, and when I remarked on how neat the idea was, he sent me the name of his source.

Now I'm prepared to make signed bookplates available to those of you who have unsigned copies of my book, The Tender Scar: Life After The Death Of A Spouse. If you would like a signed bookplate like the one in the picture, just email me at and give me your address, tell me how many bookplates you need, and indicate any personalization you'd like. No charge, no obligation. Just something I'd like to do, now that I know how much more meaningful a personalized book can be.

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