Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Another Guest Post

I'll be posting today at the Suspense Sisters blog, where I talk about the question, Aren't All Published Writers Rich and Famous? All comments (that include their email address) will have a chance at an Amazon gift card.

Incidentally, this will be my last post there. It's been a great time with those authors, and I hope you'll continue checking out their blog (as well as this one).

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring Has Sprung

I could have sworn I already posted this, but then again, maybe I just dreamed it. That's what happens when you're in the midst of launching a new book (well, a novella), going through the regular "stuff" of which life consists, and trying to make time for the important things in your life (like golf and such). Anyway, it's officially spring and I wanted to ask your opinion.

To me, spring means that flowers will soon appear. Baseball season is almost with us. Kay is bustling here and there with spring cleaning. And both kids and parents look ahead to the end of school (with differing emotions). So, to you, what does spring mean? Leave me a comment. I'd like to know.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Writing: Guest Posting

I was supposed to post at Fresh Fiction today, but (even though I sent the material) the post hasn't appeared and I haven't received the URL. I'll let you know if it shows up.

However, there's another place you can read about me and have a chance to win a copy of my latest novella.  I was interviewed yesterday on the blog of Lena Dooley, where a commenter has a chance to win a copy of Doctor's Dilemma. Click on over there and post your comment.

I'll see you back here next Tuesday.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Another Appearance Today

Beckie Burnham (otherwise known as Beckie By The Book) is having me as her guest today. Click here to join the conversation. Commenters will be entered to win a copy of my latest novella, Doctor's Dilemma. Click here to join the fun.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Don't Come Up Short

My usual route for walks takes me by the second green of a nearby golf course. When the wind is behind the golfers, I sometimes find golf balls that have overshot the green and rolled into the yard across the street. But, as I watch, most of the time golfers come up short of the green with their shots. I saw this a number of times, and wondered why it occurred. The answer, I think, is that sometimes these golfers tend to overestimate their ability.

Those of you who play golf can identify with this. The announcer tells us that Tiger Woods or Jordan Spieth just hit a pitching wedge dead to the pin on this 150 yard approach shot. Now there's no way in the world I'm ever going to hit a wedge that far, but the next time I play golf I'll probably remember that. As a result, I'll select a club that would make the ball carry to the green if I hit the best shot I've ever played. But because I'm trying so hard, most of the time I'll either stub my club into the ground or hit the ball way offline. It's so much better to take a less lofted club, swing easy, and see what the result is. I may be on the back of the green, even over it, but I won't be short. Cut back on my self-assessment, swing easy, and watch the result.

Is there a moral to this story? I think there is. All of us are vulnerable to what my golf partner calls "delusions of adequacy." I don't mean we shouldn't shoot for the moon--not at all. But we have to do it with the tools at our disposal. My favorite Texas Rangers baseball player was Rusty Greer. He didn't have major league speed, or power, or any of the other attributes of a star, but he made up for all of that with desire. He worked hard, and as a result he played in the majors for years. He made the best use of what he had. And so should we.

We can make it to the green. We might need to take a 5 iron instead of a wedge, but if we stay within our capabilities and don't fall victim to "delusions of adequacy," there's no limit to what we can accomplish.

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